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2022 JOURNEYMAN White Blend

2021 EN GEDI Grenache

2021-2022 PROPHETESS Syrah & Mourvèdre


2020 RESERVE Syrah

2022 LATE HARVEST Grenache Blanc


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The 2020 Reserve Syrah is a club exclusive wine. We have enough for one bottle per member at this time. To request more, you can email ethan@sansliege.com to be put on a waiting list for any remaining bottles. All other wines may be added to your allocation in whatever quantity you choose.





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October 22nd
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Fellow travelers,

As I write this letter our harvest of Rhone grapes for the season has yet to begin. Grenache Blanc will be the first, making its appearance tomorrow morning. We’ve been anxiously awaiting our first press load, which is a full month behind last year’s. On the bright side, the cellar has never looked so organized and clean. If the weather cooperates and gives us just enough heat to ripen all the fruit, we could be in for a truly incredible vintage. Like one for the history books. We can safely anticipate long hang times allowing incredible grape phenolic development (the right kind of ripeness) resulting in wines full of flavor, generally lower in alcohol and nicely balanced acids with lengthy finishes. 

It’s a bit of a double edged sword to be so excited about this as the flipside is not so glamorous. All of the grapes may not get ripe enough to make wine. Rain would be the real problem, but hopefully that will hold off for another 6 weeks as we are going to need every warm day we can get. This is something I’m trying not to put too much energy into as there is only so much we can control. 

What can we do?? Pull leaves but not too early. Cut off or lessen water, but not too much. Watch the weather forecasts constantly and be ready to react if any significant heat or rain is predicted. Sometimes it feels like a bit of an addiction - checking hour to hour. 

Weather drama is nothing new to us during harvest, although this year the stakes seem higher. But who knows? We’re here in the moment and not yet able to reflect on it with perspective. My gut tells me we are in for a nailbiter that makes some once in a lifetime wines and that is something to get excited about. Higher the risk, higher the reward right??? 

If you stop by the cellar anytime between now and Christmas, pop in to say “Hi” as I’ll surely be there. It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a harvest this late and I’m looking forward to it.

To Thanksgiving Punchdowns,
Curt Schalchlin