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2 bottles each of:

2020 FOOL'S ERRAND Grenache

2020 RESERVE Grenache


4 bottles each of:

2020 PICKPOCKET Grenache

2021 ADVERSARY Mourvèdre


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The 2020 Fool’s Errand & 2020 Reserve Grenache are club exclusive wines available only to our members.
At this time you can add 1 bottle of each club exclusive wine to your allocation. Email info@sansliege.com to be put on a waiting list for any remaining bottles of these two wines. All other wines may be added to your allocation in whatever quantity you choose. 






Fellow travelers,

As I looked at the wines we have chosen for the spring allocation, I realized that four of the six are Grenache (or a blend that includes it). Many of you who have been on this wine journey with me know that I am a huge fan of Grenache. It makes phenomenal rosè, can evolve into a light red wine with refreshing drinkability or something a bit more serious - a wine to age and ponder. To me it’s the perfect fit for any occasion. 

My love affair began back in the early 2000’s through an epiphany with a bottle of 1998 Clos du Pape. The wine was so intense, bright and layered. To say it had an impact on me doesn’t even scratch the surface of what happened that day. When the opportunity was presented for me to craft my own wine a couple of years later, the choice was easy - Grenache. It seemed like such an avant garde decision at the time, because on the Central Coast all the rage was focused around Pinot. Growing up, I was into the underground scene with my choices in music, clothes, sports, etc. For whatever reason, I was drawn to the things that most folks didn’t know about. Grenache seemed to fit that bill. I can remember people asking me what my first wine would be and when I mentioned Grenache they would ask, “what’s that?” or “isn’t that a blending grape?” This only strengthened my resolve that I was on the right path. 

Over the last twenty years, my infatuation with Grenache has grown into a much deeper study and level of appreciation. I am in awe of this grape and its ability to grow so well in many different locations offering endless possibilities of wine. At this point in my journey, I consider it my responsibility to craft wines that honor each vineyard site. I want to help express what each field is naturally offering and not manipulate the juice into something that I decide to make. I want to observe and understand, not control. That is the commitment I make with each growing season, with each harvest and with my time alongside the wines in the cellar. From day one, Grenache has been the true point of inspiration for Sans Liege and it is my sincere pleasure to share a few more of my muses with you.  

To finding what you love,

Curt Schalchlin

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