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MARCH 18TH: Last day to add-on
MARCH 19TH: Credit cards processed for shipping orders
MARCH 26TH: Credit cards processed for pickup orders; Pickups begin at Paso Robles and Pismo Beach tasting rooms
APRIL 5TH: allocation shipping begins(dependent on weather, stay tuned for updates)
APRIL 22ND: Virtual Club Party



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Fellow travelers,

I can feel it coming, spring. In addition to the beautiful weather we’ve been having, I can cite a few observations that lead me to this belief. The pomegranate tree that sits outside my front door is starting to push leaves, our neighbor’s hill is covered with green grass (their cows are elated), turkeys are visible throughout the day as they start to nest and lay eggs, a few evening fires have been skipped in our house due to warmer nights and I’ve been lucky enough to complete some wines and get them into bottle. But there’s something else, a feeling of hopefulness is in the air.  For corroboration I’m happy to cite a few personal observations from last week. My daughter Charlie went back to school for the first time in a year, Sans Liege is once again pleased to be hosting folks inside the tasting rooms and as of last week at least 9 people I know have received a vaccine or are scheduled to get one. It seems the perpetual Groundhog Day of the last twelve months may be coming to an end. And I’ve gotta say it feels pretty good! 

During the past year our little family has spent a lot of time alone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great, but I’ve truly missed my friends and extended family as I’m sure many of you have. One person I have especially missed is my Grandmother. One recent evening I had an epiphany that hit hard. I realized just how much influence she has had on the person I have become. 

Growing up I aspired to be like my grandfather and father. I didn’t know much about what they did, but I knew they worked with their hands and worked hard. I was certain that was to be my future. Funny thing is, my favorite parts of life, what I value most as a grown man, were actually learned from my Grandma Jude - the belief that family, friends and community are what this journey is all about - the pleasure of sitting down, serving the ones we love and sharing over a meal and maybe even some wine. I can remember my Grandma being my closest confidant and realizing at some point that she played that role for many people. Some of my fondest memories involve hanging out, learning to cook and preparing meals with her. How rewarding it is to just spend time with and listen to folks we care about. Everything I know about food, family, humility and sharing, I learned from her. I cannot wait to see her and cook a meal together real soon! 

To Hope and Grandmas,