“Midway upon the journey of my life
I found myself within a dark forest
For the straightforward pathway had been lost.”
(Dante’s Inferno I, 1-3)

Sans Liege is my relentless search for independence.  Equally aligned with the freedoms of the New World and the heritage of the Rhone Valley, I am careful not to hold too closely to either.  Instead I trust an intuition of the microcosms of each vineyard site and vine to guide my work through each vintage.  Tending fruit in vineyards that have captured my heart from Paso Robles down to Solvang, these sites speak for me and I for them; the only partners now on this path I tread. 

Curt Schalchlin Winemaker, Sans Liege Wines & Groundwork Wines



A note on Sans Liege artwork:

Art of the German Expressionist movement has long been an influence on Sans Liege. There is an honest darkness, a raw, visceral uncertainty, that resonates with my story and the story of my wines. When I happened upon New York artist Gene Ploss, I felt that his work shared an energy with mine. Art in that style has since been a focus of my label design.

Examples: “Sancha,” “The Offering,” “Cotes du Coast,” “The Transcendentalist”

Additional artwork is inspired by Dante’s Inferno, and is collaged utilizing panels from Gustav Dore’s intricate illustrations thereof. Just like Sans Liege itself, each mash-up is something entirely new, replete with nuance, referential to the classics, but beholden to nothing.

Examples: “The Adversary,” “Call To Arms,” “En Gedi,” “Pickpocket,” “The Prophetess”